Gulf Medical University Awarded for ‘Excellence in Research’ and Recognized as One of the Top 10 Universities in Health Research by the Ministry of Health and Prevention

Ajman: Building upon a successful track record, Gulf Medical University- owned and managed by Thumbay Group- has been honored with the prestigious “Excellence in Research” award by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHP). As one of the UAE’s leading institution in health professions education, it has also been recognized among the country’s top 10 universities for health research, which attests to its academic brilliance and cutting-edge contributions to healthcare.

The National Center for Health Research, in collaboration with Elsevier Publishing Research Company, conducted a thorough study on the state of health research in the United Arab Emirates for the period of 2017–2022, as part of the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s initiatives to support excellence in the field of health and medical research throughout the United Arab Emirates. The evaluation of numerous universities around the nation revealed that Gulf Medical University stood out for its commitment, innovation, and major advancements in contributions to health research.

With a relentless pursuit for excellence, Gulf Medical University has made remarkable strides in medical sciences research, contributing to the understanding of diseases, treatment modalities, and preventative measures. The university’s researchers have published studies in esteemed medical journals, enriching the medical community’s knowledge and improving patient outcomes.

Professor Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor, Gulf Medical University, expressed his gratitude for the prestigious recognition and stated, “We are deeply honored to receive the ‘Excellence in Research’ award from the Ministry of Health and Prevention. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our faculty, researchers, and students who have relentlessly pursued excellence in the field of health research.”

At the forefront of innovative medical research, Gulf Medical University in collaboration with Thumbay Institute of Precision Medicine (TRIPM), has been spearheading studies on personalized precision medicine programs. Utilizing Zebrafish avatars to treat cancer, several programs conducted at the university have shown promising potential in reducing the trial-and-error response for oncology medicine, while simultaneously preserving organ function and enhancing the overall quality of life for patients. The university’s commitment to innovative research has been driving advancements in cancer treatment, bringing hope to those in need of more targeted and effective therapeutic approaches.

Speaking about the encouragement provided to students and faculty alike to create research-led ecosystem, Professor Salem Chouaib, director of the Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine, said, “Gulf Medical University, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and research, and this recognition motivates us to continue our pursuit of advancing healthcare knowledge for the betterment of society. Our committed researchers are encouraged by state-of-the-art infrastructure and a collaborative environment to pursue discoveries that have the potential to change patient healthcare and enhance global health outcomes. This distinction reflects the profound influence our research has had on the local and global healthcare landscape.”

In the last 24 years, more than 3000 students have graduated from the university. These graduates have advanced their careers and landed successful positions, such as CEOs, COOs, Medical Directors, and Heads of Department in the healthcare and research sectors across the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. Additionally, the Gulf Medical University’s graduates are recognized internationally and have access to employment thanks to the university’s partnerships with more than 70 foreign universities and research institutions.

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