As part of 10th Anniversary Thumbay Medical & Dental Speciality Centre Sharjah Conducts Blood Donation Campaign

Thumbay Medical & Dental Speciality Centre, Sharjah conducted a blood donation campaign in association with Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center on Wednesday, 29th Sep 2021, as part of 10th Anniversary of the center. More than 100 people Registered and donated blood at the camp.

Sharjah Blood Transfusion and research center team was very impressed and also appreciated the team of Thumbay Medical and Dental Speciality Centre Sharjah for having organized and arranged campaign in a very professional way. It was organized with the aim of educating the community on the beneficial aspects of blood donation and to promote awareness amongst the general public about safe blood transfusion and motivate people to donate blood voluntarily for a noble cause. Blood donation camps are regularly conducted by the Thumbay group network of academic hospitals, to supplement the efforts of government blood banks and other regulatory bodies with regard to voluntary blood donation.

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