Body & Soul Health Club and Thumbay University Hospital Collaborate for an Enlightening Lecture on Healthy Nutrition

In a joint effort to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness, Body & Soul Club in Ajman partnered with Thumbay University Hospital to organize a lecture on the importance of healthy nutrition. The lecture, delivered by renowned expert Dr. Fahmida Jafri, aimed to educate individuals about the significance of proper nutrition in maintaining overall well-being.

The lecture, held at Body & Soul Club in Ajman, shed light on the crucial role that healthy nutrition plays in supporting physical and mental health. Dr. Fahmida Jafri, with her extensive knowledge and expertise, emphasized the importance of consuming a balanced diet and making informed choices when it comes to food.

During the lecture, Dr. Fahmida Jafri discussed various aspects of healthy nutrition, including the benefits of incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins into one’s diet. She highlighted the detrimental effects of excessive sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats on the body, encouraging attendees to adopt healthier alternatives.

The interactive session also provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and seek personalized advice from Dr. Fahmida Jafri. She addressed queries related to specific dietary needs, weight management, and common misconceptions about nutrition.

The collaboration between Body & Soul Club and Thumbay University Hospital brought together a diverse audience interested in learning about healthy nutrition. The lecture conducted by Dr. Fahmida Jafri successfully raised awareness about the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and making informed choices. By promoting such educational initiatives, the organizations aim to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being through proper nutrition practices.

Offering valuable insights and practical tips, the lecture left a lasting impact on the attendees, encouraging them to make positive changes in their dietary habits. The partnership between Body & Soul Club and Thumbay University Hospital exemplifies a commitment to community well-being and the promotion of a healthier society.

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