Experts Address Connection between Diabetes and Obesity at the ‘Diabesity Conference’ Organized by Thumbay Hospital Fujairah

The prevalence of obesity and diabetes is rising at an alarming pace worldwide, affecting people of all ages, races and both genders. A recent conference on ‘Diabesity’ organized by Thumbay Hospital, Fujairah, one of the leading academic hospitals under Thumbay Group’s healthcare division,  discussed the linkages between obesity and diabetes and the causal pathways between obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The conference identified prevention and treatment modalities, and discussed at length the environmental and socio-psychological factors leading to obesity, and examined the roles of the healthcare professionals and establishments, schools, and communities in leading the fight against the growing prevalence of obesity and diabetes.

Renowned experts discussed various aspects of diabetes and obesity and their linkages, and outlined strategies for prevention and management. Topics discussed included:

  • Obesity Paradox – by Dr. Anass Qasem, Consultant Internal Medicine & Nephrology – Thumbay Hospital Fujairah & Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine & Nephrology – Egypt.
  • Cardiovascular risk management in diabetes: Role of GLP 1 agonists – by Dr. Amrish Agrawal, Consultant Cardiologist, Assistant. Professor of Medicine, Fujairah Hospital.
  • Thumbay Hospital Fujairah: Journey towards excellence ensuring patient safety and quality – by Dr. Mohammad Faisal Parvez, Chief Operating Officer, Thumbay Hospital Fujairah.
  • Obesity and Comorbidities – by Dr. A. Aboobaker, Consultant Cardiologist, Thumbay Hospital, Fujairah.
  • Gut microbiota and diabetes – by Dr. Palat K Menon, Director & COO, Thumbay Labs, Thumbay Medicity, Ajman.
  • Role of Surgery in Metabolic Syndrome – by Dr. Rafal Badri, Consultant General Surgery, Thumbay Hospital, Fujairah.
  • Surgery in acute stroke – by Dr. Hillol Kanti Pal, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Thumbay Hospital, Ajman.

The talks were held in three sessions, the first one chaired by DR. C. R. Sathyanarayanan – HOD, Specialist – Internal Medicine, Thumbay Hospital Fujairah, the second one chaired by Dr. Hesham Esmat Khorshed – Consultant Cardiologist, Thumbay Hospital Fujairah and Dr. Anass Qasem – Internal Medicine and Nephrologist, Thumbay Hospital Fujairah, and the final session chaired by Dr. A. Aboobaker – Consultant Cardiologist, Thumbay Hospital, Fujairah and Dr. Osama Mahmoud Rizk – Medical Director & OBG Consultant (HOD), Thumbay Hospital, Fujairah.

The conference was accredited by MOHAP for 8 CME hours. The speakers were presented with mementos and the participants were awarded certificates.

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