Our Daisy winner was Ms. Jennifer Joseph of Left Wing, Thumbay Hospital, Ajman
Jennifer Joseph is a staff Nurse in Left wing, which comprises of Medical-Surgical, Pediatric and Maternity unit. Since her day of joining nearly 4 years back, she has received numerous feedback from patients, and her name has been repeatedly nominated for various recognition & rewards. Consistent in her compassionate care, for Q3 we received 5 stories from her patients.

Patient A remembers Jennifer as a nice person to deal with, very caring and responsible in her work. Showcased Proactiveness in various tasks. Good listener and always smiling. Easy to approach and understanding.
Patient B in her own words, “please continue with your excellent service and keep the good flag of Thumbay Hospital, Ajman flying”.
“Very helpful. Came running when they hear my baby’s noise. Always smiling.” are the words of Patient C who had come to deliver her first baby and was little anxious.

Patient D shared a very personal story with us, “My wife had 3 different surgeries in THA. 2017 my wife had cyst surgery when we met her for the first time. She took care of my wife like someone take care of their own family members. My wife and the nurse became friends after those days spent in the hospital.
Later on in 2018 my wife delivered my son. I had less hassle since this nurse was there in between to take care of my wife.
This year in 2019, my wife underwent 1 more cyst surgery. I thought it will be difficult for me to handle hospital procedure and taking care of 2 kids. Luckily this nurse got night duty on that surgery day and she was there with my wife the whole night to take care, while I took care of my 9 month old baby and 6 years old kid. Fortunately in all our hurdles she helped us with her kind attitude and polite attention.
She is very down to earth person as well as happy go jolly type of human being. Thank you.”

On being intimated, that Jennifer is the DAISY winner for this quarter, Patient D expressed regret that due to prior commitments, the family would not be able to attend the ceremony. However, they shared a heartfelt message with us to convey her. They said, ‘We are happy to know that Jennifer is the winner of the DAISY award. Though we can’t make it, our best wishes and blessings are always with her.”
Out of the 142, nominations that we received for Q3, Jennifer has stood out because of the way she touched her patients’ lives, and extended compassion and comfort in an extraordinary way. She scored the highest in the Rubrics which is scored on the criteria of trustworthiness, innovation, meticulous, dedication, etc. and she scored 74% based on the scoring of 3 colleagues.
This is our DAISY nurse here. Calm and collected, when asked to address her colleagues, she did it saying, “All of us are DAISY nurses. The care that each one of us provide to our patients makes us all DAISY winners.”

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