UAE Market Leader MPC (Modern Pharmaceutical LLC) Signs Groundbreaking and Market Changing Agreements with Thumbay Group/Thumbay Pharmacies.

MPC is a leading healthcare distributor with a successful track record of more than 50 years of market presence representing top global players in pharma, health- and consumer care.

Thumbay Group, is a diversified business conglomerate with operations across 20 sectors, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in the UAE & India.

Two major players in the healthcare sector have agreed to join forces in the pharmacy business, authorizing MPC to take full operational control of all Thumbay pharmacies with immediate effect.

When vision becomes a mission!

Thumbay’ s vision 2021 was to put a stronger focus on the running of its hospital operations, while MPC had a concept offering to run operations for pharmacies as a one-stop-service. Under the innovative agreements, Thumbay will transfer the management and financial governance of its pharmacy estate to MPC’s Patient & Customer Division. Thumbay and MPC will then work together to provide an integrated approach to healthcare provision for Thumbay’s pharmacy customers in hospitals and community settings.

MPC’s concept empowers healthcare organizations to focus on their core business while utilizing MPC’s service excellence, network, systems capabilities, and leadership support to manage and enhance their pharmacy operations benefiting also from MPC’s market presence.

“Make medicine and healthcare services more accessible” the same vision and similar corporate values shared by MPC & Thumbay have been a great foundation to frame and seal the partnership. Thumbay pharmacies will be benefiting from MPC’s operational excellence, system applications, partner portfolio, logistics, product security, compliance & marketing to provide the best possible services to patients and pharmacy customers in the UAE. MPC under a fixed term management contract, will take over the entire operational control of all pharmacies while the ownership of the Pharmacy estate will remain with Thumbay Group.

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